Anti-Yal 1500®️

Contains hyaluronidase with posology: 1500 IU dry extract powder/vials to be mixed with 10mL saline solution. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that catalyze the hydrolysis of certain complex carbohydrates and depolymerize hyaluronic acid leading to its natural breakdown, therefore hyaluronidase is often used In aesthetic medicine, in fact in certain cases the body may consider injected hyaluronic acid, or some impurities of it, as a foreign molecule, so it could induce an immune reaction, such as the formation of granuloma; endogenous hyaluronidase that naturally present in the dermis will sometimes have no access to the ‘HA’ foreign body, so the product will be slowly eliminated through inflammatory reaction and phage cells.

Anti-Yal 1500®️


1. To correct unsatisfactory results of previous hyaluronic acid filler treatment such as:
Overcorrection, Asymmetry, Tyndall Effect, Under Eyelid Edema That Usually Can Stay For A Very Long Time, Nodules, Hematoma, and help to resolve thrombosis complications.
However in this case it is highly advisable to be given immediately after the sign of the complication is being
recognized. The necrosis of the tissue could be prevented or become less severe with early application of

2. Hyaluronidase reduces the fibrosis, breaks the fibrotic tissue that trapped the fat cells and reduces the edema, also improves the circulation, therefore it is effective to use for cellulite grade 1 and 2 together with other lipolytic agent
and proper massage with anti-cellulite cream.

3. Reduce the appearance of hypertrophic scars.

4. Improve the absorption of other products.

Recommended Administration: Product application should be limited to the affected area only. The effects starts from immediate to 48 hours and last up to 14 days after the administration, depends on hyaluronic acid filler type.

Contraindication: In the case of skin infection, the application of hyaluronidase should be avoided, also after recent botulinum toxin injection.

For professional use only. Topical use.

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